Apocalyptic NPC Collection - Changelog

Apocalyptic NPC Collection - Changelog

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Important: The 2023 Update will be live on the 31/12/2022, thank you for your patience! This includes the live-link blendshapes for Mike, Maria and Sarah


v1.0 - released

v1.01 - 20/09/2021 -

  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where tessellation in 4.27 would cause some invisible faces on the tshirt and neck

v1.02 - 12/01/2022

  • Bug Fix - Updated skeleton to prevent bone conflicts
  • Bug Fix - Skeletal positions adjusted for Hank - Better Animation Quality
  • Bug Fix - Skin update for Hank - Better Animation Quality
  • Bug Fix - Hank's gun holster moved from the left side, to the right side, for easier animation compatibility

v1.03 16/01/2022-

  • Content - Updated third-person demo map with better lighting and environment
  • Content - Added overview maps for each character so you can quickly preview included content
  • Content - Added two additional outfit presets for Hank (civilian, same outfit, without combat equipment)
  • Bug Fix - Added description to Morph Pose interface to better explain the function
  • Bug Fix - Disabled tessellation by default for anyone who experienced performance issues this is now resolved
  • Bug Fix - Corrected some file names and directories, full reinstall recommended



  • Digitally Drawn 2D Concept image included for in-game use (e.g. dialogue boxes, thumbnails etc.)
  • 2D Source files available on request + receipt
  • 52 Blendshapes, ready for iPhone AR control
  • Mocap Mobility Start Animations (59 Animations, 31 Unique) (note: poses from the driving screenshot not included)
  • High-Quality AAA Hero Character
  • Digital Human Pipeline - High-Quality Refractive Eyes, Detail Mapped Skin with Layered Subsurface Scattering and Roughness Variations.
  • 8k Textures
  • High detail hair, including custom textures for directional, root, depth etc. hair properties
  • Static and skeletal mesh accessories (Basic Handgun + Canteen)
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