Apocalyptic Vehicle Collection - Changelog

Apocalyptic Vehicle Collection - Changelog

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This page serves as a changelog for Yarrawah Interactives Procedural Vehicles. 

IMPORTANT: ChaosVehicle plugin must be enabled for UE5.0+

Driveable Overview & Guide

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Procedural Interactable and Drivable Vehicles Changelog


3.0.0 07/03/2022 – Major Update – Will require a complete reinstall of the asset to function correctly

  • Content – Blueprint Rework – All interaction and driving is now fully inheritance-based and supports all the unique features of each vehicle. This makes it significantly easier to integrate these vehicles into your projects! This change also makes iteration time significantly faster! New documentation coming soon.
  • Content – Driving Rework – Driving should now feel better than ever!
  • Content – Upgraded Physics Assets
  • Bugs – Fixed a bug with stationary burnouts, they should now be more consistent
  • Bugs – Fixed a variety of replication bugs for BP_Drivable
  • Bugs – Fixed some scaling issues between the cars, they are all accurately proportioned now

2.1.4 27/08/2021 – Minor Update

  • Materials – Upgraded the master material to use an additional “base paint” mask that allows you to tint any potential color bleeding at albedo mask edges. This allows for much more detailed rust and dirt details while maintaining full albedo control
  • Bugs – Fixed a rare bug where opening a car door for the first time would cause it to initially snap if you opened the doors in a certain sequence
  • Bugs – Fixed some minor generation bugs

2.1.3 26/07/2021 – Minor Update

  • Content – Added AI controller for vehicles, this prevents a PhysX vehicle bug where your last input is remembered when leaving a vehicle by overriding the vehicles controller with an AI controller when not actively controlled by the player

2.1.2 19/07/2021 – Minor Update

  • Content – Calibrated lightmap density for all meshes on Sedan/Van assets
  • Bugs – Cleaned up some naming inconsistencies
  • Bugs – Fixed some static meshes that weren’t instancing

2.1.1 18/07/2021 – Minor Update

  • Content – Added debug trace line to FPS example character
  • Content – Added new boolean that disables capsule collision for dynamic meshes which can prevent players from being stuck
  • Bugs – Corrected missing backfaces on some meshes
  • Bugs – Fixed some tangent issues on translucent meshes on the sedan

2.1 17/07/2021 – Minor Update

Minor update fixing a few bugs and preparing the content for future vehicle releases.

  • Content – Van released
  • Content – Added unique driving curves to the Blueprints folder
  • Content – Added additional engine sound effect for variations between vehicles
  • Bugs – Fixed bug where smoke would replicate at weaker strength for other clients
  • Bugs – Fixed multiple mesh bugs where backfaces were visible
  • Bugs – Fixed some rotation bugs with the position randomization
  • Bugs – Reworked BP_FirstPersonExample into a master component that works with all vehicles instead of having a unique controller for each asset
  • Bugs – Fixed some naming inconsistencies

2.0 26/06/2021 – Major Update

This update is a complete rewrite/overhaul, reducing the existing code base by ~70%, while expanding the feature set. Replication/Multiplayer support has also been added, as well as a complete overhaul of the driving system.

  • Bugs – A variety of reported bugs were patched, vehicles are battle-tested and have now been through multiple iterations.
  • Interface – A basic interface was added to Interactable and Drivable test levels, providing a cheat sheet for hotkeys
  • Meshes – Smashed window variants added for each windowpane
  • Multiplayer – BP_Drivable and BP_Interactable are now fully replicated.
  • Particles – Two new particle variants added for smashed glass
  • Particles – Smoke particle added for stationary burnouts and tyre marks
  • Sounds – Tyre screeching sound added
  • Sounds – Smashed glass sound added
  • Textures – Burnt texture variations added
  • Textures – Clean texture variations added
  • Textures – Tyre mark decal added
  • BP_Drivable – Now replicated.
  • BP_Drivable – Stationary burnouts can now be done by holding W + Space Bar
  • BP_Drivable – Now has a fully integrated lighting system, turn the headlights on to switch to night view, enjoy more realistic breaks, and indicators as well!
  • BP_Drivable – Driving physics fully overhauled, providing a more responsive and satisfying driving experience ready for your game.
  • BP_Drivable – Now leaves tyre marks on sharp turns and when hand-braking with satisfying tyre screech sound effects
  • BP_Drivable – Bonus sounds and decals added for tyre mark effects with proper sound blending to taper the sounds in and out as needed.
  • BP_Drivable – Can now be interacted with by an example player controller, allowing you to switch from player to driver in real-time, fully replicated.
  • BP_FPSCharacter – Updated to support new interaction options. Tutorial pending.
  • BP_Interactable – Fully replicated interactions and optimizations
  • BP_Interactable – Codebase, variables, and optimization functions almost entirely rewritten from the ground up. Significantly reduced blueprint size while improving and expanding the feature set
  • BP_Interactable – Some variables renamed to be more clear, tooltips updated, blueprints formatted to a higher standard, more complete comments.
  • BP_Interactable – There are new options for spawning vehicles with smashed windows
  • BP_Interactable – Car windows can now be shot and destroyed
  • BP_Interactable – Extra material variations added to the procedural generation
  • BP_Interactable – “Dynamic Mesh Memory” optimization added. Enabling this will cause the vehicle to reset to its interacted state, instead of its instanced state. This is more expensive but can be useful where permanence is important
  • BP_Interactable – “Destruction Memory” optimization added. Disabling this will make the vehicle and any interactions/destroyed components be forgotten when the player reaches a user-defined distance
  • BP_Interactable – “Dynamic Mesh Reset” optimization reworked. This medium-distance optimization resets any dynamic meshes seamlessly back to there original instanced state, greatly reducing draw calls at medium range
  • BP_Interactable – “Proxy Mesh” optimization reworked to run independently for better multiplayer support

1.2 28/04/2021 – Major Update

  • BP_Drivable now has advanced driving, with suspension, animation, lights, sounds, and particles. Watch the video for a full overview of features.

1.1 22/04/2021 – Minor Update

  • Added 6 event buttons to BP_Interactable
  • The randomization is now an event-based button on the actor instead of construction based
  • Vehicles will only rebuild/randomize when you tell them to, this prevents BP_Interactable from randomizing each time you reload the levels
  • Multiple small bug fixes

1.0 16/04/2021 – Release

  • Sedan Released!
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