Apocalyptic Zombie Collection - Changelog

Apocalyptic Zombie Collection - Changelog

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Brief Technical Feature Overview

  • UE5 Retargeted
  • UE5 IK Support
  • 34 animations UE4/UE5 mannequin compatible
  • Highly Modular
  • Advanced outfit controller component, plug-and-play with any AI asset
  • Animated Morph Pose component

Installation - UE5.0 and below (5.01 documentation coming soon)

Version History

Update 4.0

Released: December 27th 2022 (5.01+ only)

This is a major content update and will require a full reinstall. If you are already using these zombies in your project, I highly recommend installing the update to a fresh project first.

New Content

  • BPC_OutfitControl - This new component replaces the existing randomization component. It offers more dynamic and expandable control of the randomization, including advanced features like material matching, and dependent meshes (e.g. dismembered limb randomization and spawn control).
    • Each zombie has its own pre-configured child component allowing for easy addition to existing character controllers.
  • BP_AI - This new character controller includes basic RVO avoidance, and new roaming and chase AI.
  • Chaos cloth physics added to M04 and M05 (Business and Soldier zombie, additional physics simulations will be added over time)
  • UE5 animations (UE4 animations are still supported)
  • UE5 retargeting and IK support
  • UE5 Control rig and IKRetargerter blueprint allows for rapid conversion of existing UE4 animations
  • Improved master materials and default values
  • Demo maps entirely overhauled
    • L_OutfitController
      • Demo map showcasing randomization features and roaming AI
    • L_OutfitController_Dismembered
      • Demo map showcasing randomization features with dismembered components and roaming AI
    • L_ThirdPersonUE5
      • UE5 Third-Person demo map, with IK Controller for the zombies, and AI chase zombies with randomization and IK setup
    • L_IKDemo
      • Basic roaming IK with randomization and IK setup
    • L_Demo
      • Preview map/render map for high quality view of the zombies
    • L_AnimationPlayable
      • Advanced Animation Blueprint controller showcasing the potential animations
    • L_Overview
      • Overview map showing the included content
    • L_AnimationPreview
      • This map show cases the animations included in this pack

Major Changes

  • Flexible and dynamic character controller system. This update also fixes some issues introduced with the business and soldier zombies.
  • New maps
  • Chaos cloth physics
  • New roam and chase AI and RVO avoidance 

Removed Content

  • BPC_OutfitController has been replaced with BPC_OutfitControl
  • AI components have been replaced and improved
  • Blendspace animation controller has been replaced
  • All original demo maps now removed, replaced with ray tracing supported demo maps

Minor Changes

  • Fixed minor skinning issues with dismembered meshes
  • Corrected missing bones on dismembered meshes
  • Corrected missing IK bones on some zombies

Update 3.0

Released: December, 2021

  • Total Rewrite - The randomization code and morph control code has been completely redone from the ground up. The zombies are now significantly easier to integrate into new projects. (~10 minute install time reduced to ~1-2 minutes).
  • Inheritance Based Outfit Component - Add randomization to any AI/Blueprint by simply adding a new component! BPC_OutfitControl, each zombie includes a child component class with customised parameters, allowing you to integrate the zombies into any AI or character pack quickly and intuitively! Facial Animation
  • Component - Facial morph shapes are now controlled via BPC_MorphControl
  • Seed-based randomization - Zombie randomization is now seed-based and no longer runs on construction. This gives you significantly more control over what type of zombies you spawn and allows you to reuse or setup custom variations for maps
  • Optimised Cloth Physics - Apex has culling issues in all versions of Unreal, a separate version without Apex cloth is included for each mesh and can be easily enabled/disabled through the outfit control component massively improving performance. Chaos update will be coming for UE5!
  • Lots of minor changes - Better colour balance on some textures, better randomization default presets, materials, physics assets, showcase levels (AI_Showcase) and more!

Update 2.0

Released: December, 2020

  • Standardised randomization between all zombie sets
  • Standardised project files to remove duplicates
  • Added animation assets
  • Added dismembered parts and additional variations

Version 1.0

Released: December, 2019

The original feature set, no longer supported, and entirely deprecated.

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