Realistic Decomposition - Installation

Realistic Decomposition - Installation

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Installation Guide

Main Features

This asset is made using a combination of material functions, Niagara systems, and a master blueprint component. It is lightweight (<45MB including example content) and works with flesh, fabric, humans, monsters, aliens, animals!

Eight-Layer Decomposition System with Fabric Awareness

(40 additional material parameters are exposed)

  1. Darkening/Decay
  2. Pre-Wound Staining
  3. Wound Growth
  4. Wound Edge Growth
  5. Wrinkling of the skin and creasing of the fabric
  6. Roughness changes based on wounds, stains, and base layer
  7. Hue/Wound Discolouration
  8. Opacity Fade Out

Three-Layer Niagara Particle System

  1. Vertex-Animated, sculpted, high-resolution mesh-maggots (400-12 triangles)
  2. High-Quality Fly Sprite
  3. High-Quality Special Decay Effect
  4. Controlled directly via the BP_Decay component, with seven exposed particle parameters to suit your requirements

BP_Decay - Blueprint Component

47 parameters allowing you to control

  1. This component can be added to any blueprint and can be activated by calling the Begin Decay event, no additional code is required
  2. Non-destructive, light-weight
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