Sidewalk Debris & Trash - Cigarettes, Masks, Gum, Cans - Changelog

Sidewalk Debris & Trash - Cigarettes, Masks, Gum, Cans - Changelog

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Update 2.0 - UE5 support added

Update 1.0 - Released

This pack allows you to quickly add optimized and photo-realistic cigarette debris to your scene. These asset's aim to achieve photo realism, while being optimized enough to use as ground clutter in current gen games. They are not intended to be hero objects.

You will have access to:

  • 15 individual cigarettes (2 to 40 triangles)
  • 15 static-mesh decal variations (2-6 triangles)
  • 13 grouped clusters
  • Foliage painting
  • 3 Procedural foliage generators to quickly populate your scene

Bonus Assets (All assets come configured with procedural spawners and foliage types):

  • 25 Side-walk Gum Variants (Dark and light) - Quickly add gum smears to your sidewalks and roads.
  • 7 Cans (Flattened/Squashed) - Add more trash and debris to your scene with seven flattened can variants.
  • 5 Masks - Pandemic? Masks have got you covered. Litter your streets with dirty masks.

These are all pre-configured and ready to use and contain no branding on the textures.


  • 15 Unique Cigarettes with hand-made LOD's (LOD0 28-40 tri's, LOD1 2-6 tri's)
  • 15 Super Low-Poly Static Mesh Decal Variants (2-6 tri's, no LOD's)
  • 13 Cigarette Group Clusters for easy scene placement
  • 25 Unique Gum Variants (48-8 tri's)
  • 7 Unique Can Variants (32-4 tri's)
  • 5 Unique Mask Variants (42 - 6 tri's)
  • 12 Procedural Foliage Generators configured for Heavy, Moderate and Light densities (3 per asset type)
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