Tank Collection - Changelog

Tank Collection - Changelog

Welcome, and thanks for reading. This page will give a brief overview of the feature set for the new Chaos Tank system implemented in the 2.0 update.

Please note: The 2.0 update is for UE5 only. While UE4 versions are in working order, due to the deprecation of physx, updates will no longer be maintained for older versions.

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This update is live for the entire modern tank collection, while the WW2 tanks are currently in the process of conversion.

Feature Overview (Pending Upload)

Challenger 2

K2 Black Panther

Leopard 2A7


Merkava Mk 4



Type 10

Feature List

1. UV Tracks/Spline Tracks

Tank tracks can now be spawned using two different methods. Traditional UV scrolling, or spline based 3D mesh tracks.

Each tank has it's own set of unique UV and 3D Static Mesh tracks that can be switched between in real time, or disabled depending on performance requirements. Up to 4 unique track segments are included per tank.

2. Track Simulation Improvements

Track simulations are now calculated more accurately, ensuring 1:1 track/wheel/rotor syncronization for convincing and realistic results. The gears of the rear wheels will slot perfectly no matter the situation!

Additional bones have also been added to the skeleton, allowing for realistic track simulation. The tracks will now sag, vibrate, or experience tension based on the movement of the tank. These improvements work for both UV and Spline Based Geometric Track systems!

3. Multiwheel Support

All wheels are now simulated using chaos, providing a significantly more accurate collision response, and a more convincing handling system.

4. Suspension

All wheels and track types have accurate suspension and response, that works with the track simulations. Each wheel will rise or fall, depending on the surface it's moving over.

5. Hydraulics

All hydraulics, springs, coils etc. are rigged and configured in the animation blueprint, providing an additional layer of detail. The wheels move accurately with the rotation of the hydraulic systems.

6. Overhauled Chaos Controller

The overall physics and handling of the controller has been greatly improved. The tanks will now wobble, shake, sway and turn with a weight matching what you'd expect from vehicles of this size.

7. Stationary Turning

Tanks can now rotate on the spot, with convincing wheel and track movement.

8. Weapon Stability Control

There is now a toggle option for turret stability, allowing the user to maintain aim as the tank goes over uneven terrain.

9.  New Skeleton

The skeleton has been reworked for each tank. Bone names are more consistent, with more bones being shared, reducing any additional overhead. Additionally, more components and accessories are now rigged, providing an enhanced visual response, as well as additional track bones for track simulation.

10. Post-Processing Animation Blueprint

Each tank now has it's own post-processing animation blueprint, as well as two detailed and tuned physics assets. This allows for realistic simulations of the tank accessories. Chains will shake, accessories will wobble, cables will sway, and antenna's will bend, all in a convincing fashion, working with inertia for a realistic physical response on each tank!

Additionally, improvements to the weapon system now sends a shockwave through your tank, watch as the accessories of the tank react to each powerful blast from the cannons!

11. Improved Weapon and Aiming System

Sniper-Aim is now included, allowing you to zoom and aim more reliably, as well as some minor updates to the HUD and aiming reticule.

Bullet's and missiles now have impulses on impact, allowing you to blow rigid bodies across the map!

12. Detailed Comments and Descriptions

Each variable and function now has detailed comments, and descriptions, providing you with a better understanding of how the tanks function behind the scenes!


v2.00 - 17/02/2023

  • Content - HUD update for aiming reticule
  • Content - Prototype level added for easier testing
  • Content - Challenger 2 tank has been added to 4pk B, and the modern tank collection. This is a free upgrade for existing customers.
  • General - AO and Normal map fixes for almost every tank
  • General - Animation Blueprint has been reworked, most calculations are now handled by the main tank controller, and any additional bloat has been removed, allowing for easier maintenance and lower overhead
  • General - Animation Blueprint for each tank refined
  • General - Controller for each tank refined
  • General - Particle Improvements
  • General - Sounds levels are better balanced
  • General - Sounds have more accurate attenuation settings based on the effect
  • General - Blueprints have been tidied up with additional comments and descriptions
  • General - Missile speed increased

v1.05 - 07/03/2022

  • General - Overhauled torque, RPM, and gear ratios for more consistent and realistic tank behavior.
  • General - Enhanced vehicle track logic, more responsive and consistent
  • General - You can now hide the interface by pressing H
  • General - Physical Layers were added to the project, allowing different particles to spawn based on their surface type
  • General - Better code formatting, comments and layout.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue with gears becoming stuck and hanging on neutral when accelerating/reversing repeatedly
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue with gears not cycling properly
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue with tracks moving the wrong direction at low speeds
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with the tracks moving at inappropriate times
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with impact sound effect being played at incorrect location
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with the plugin controller's hydraulics not working for all tanks
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with the plugin controller's track physics not working on the right side

v1.04 - 02/02/2022

  • General - Tanks can now shoot at each other and be destroyed
  • General - You can now enter slow-motion by pressing T
  • General - You can now hide the interface by pressing H
  • General - Physical Layers were added to the project, allowing different particles to spawn based on it's surface type
  • Content - Added ground decal's for bullets, and exploding tanks
  • Content - Particle effects for fire and tank explosions added
  • Content - Sound effects for destroyed tanks and burning tanks added
  • Content - Free 203mm ammo model added for the projectile mesh
  • Content - Added missile and machine gun impact particle for tanks
  • Bug Fix - All direct inputs replaced with actual input events
  • Bug Fix - Improved collision of all tanks
  • Bug Fix - Machine Gun projectiles will now no longer accidentally collide with the tank
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with emissive lights not being disabled when pressing "L"
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with the headlight intensity resetting to the incorrect value after being toggled

v1.03 - 19/01/2022

  • Content - Each tank and camo variation now has dynamic burnt/destroyed material variations
  • Content - Tanks can now be destroyed inside the showcase level by pressing space bar
  • Content - Each tank now has it's own unique "destroyed" static mesh variation
  • Content - Tanks can now be destroyed inside the showcase level by pressing space bar
  • Content - Explosion and fire effects from Unreal Starter pack repurposed for the explosions and visual effects

v1.02 - 16/01/2022

  • General - Folder and reference cleanup in preparation for more tanks
  • General - Improved lighting on cinematic showcase
  • General - 1:1 Feature parity with plugin bonus files (camo switching etc.)
  • Content - Each tank now has better handling, acceleration, and realistic top speeds
  • Content - Added new sound effect for turret rotation/turning.
  • Content - Each tank now has its own turret speed, and pitch/yaw settings.
  • Bug Fix - Small chance to accidentally destroy tank corrected
  • Bug Fix - Added logic that limits the downwards angle of the canon when facing the turret backwards (avoids clipping)

v1.01 - 10/01/2022

  • Bug Fix - Projectile impacts now enabled by default
  • Bug Fix - Small chance to accidentally destroy tank corrected

v1.0 - released


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