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Effects - Semi-Permanent Blood Droplets

Effects - Semi-Permanent Blood Droplets

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Available for: UE4.25 - 4.27, UE5.0 - 5.1

Are you tired of games where the aftermath of the battle disappears before the battle is even over? Do you want to give your players a sense of permanence and satisfaction as they look around at the mess their battle created?

Look no further! This particle system is designed to provide you with flexible, realistic blood droplets. It leverages the power of instanced mesh decals and randomization to give your battles a unique and bloody feel. Make each hit count and get that extra bit of oomph with gore that has impact.

The particles are lightweight and leverage expressions and curvature control to give each droplet impact.


  • Spawn hundreds of thousand of droplet decals that can persist for as long as you like
  • Lightweight blueprint actor easily allows you to spawn different systems with direct access to 14 exposed parameters with no extra setup
  • Works on angled surfaces
  • GPU or CPU (GPU has more limitations but can do more effects like streaking)
  • Track down wounded players
  • Enemy AI example, with bone-attachment examples and a line-trace blood pool spawning example
  • Updated and maintained, UE5 friendly.

Why are there floating decals?

Your collision layers/filtering has not been set up.

See this video for a quick walkthrough: Video (only needs to be done once)

I've set my custom collision layer, but it's still not colliding?

You need to make sure you set the User Parameter inside the Niagara System for the collision channel

See this video for a quick walkthrough: Video (only needs to be done once)

I want to change the color of the blood, why is the particle color not affecting the decal?

Make a new material instance and set the blood colors here. Assign the new material instance to the desired systems. Particle color is not used as the blood material uses some tricks for more convincing droplet effects.

How come my GPU collision is not working?

Ensure you have distant fields enabled in your project, and use the global distant field visualizer to ensure there is enough resolution for the collision to function

See this video for a quick walkthrough: Video (only needs to be done once)

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