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Misc - First Person Base Arms Vol. 1 - Skinny Male

Misc - First Person Base Arms Vol. 1 - Skinny Male

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Available for: UE4.19 - 4.27, UE5.0 - 5.1

This asset is designed to drag and drop straight into your project to replace the default mannequin arms. It can be re-targeted or assigned to any skeleton that matches the UE4 default mannequin. I recommend assigning the appropriate skeleton for the best result.

No animations are provided. This is a base/template asset for you to build from for your own game and that is reflected in the pricing. If you require any of the source files, feel free to contact me on discord or via email with proof of purchase.

Multiple FPS arm's are currently being produced. I hope to meet a variety of body types and skin tones over time. Body types will be released as separate packages while skin tones will be released as free updates.

This model is designed with maximum quality in mind to give you the best looking result for an asset that will often be taking up a large portion of the screen. This is reflected in the texture resolution and triangle count.

This pack includes:

  •  ~8k Triangles Per arm (16.7k total triangle count)
  •  Realistic Skin Master Material (Burley Scattering enabled in versions 4.24+)
  •  Each arm has it's own unique 4k texture with unique veins and details. This allows you to easily modify the material on a single arm e.g. gore mask, dirt mask, damage etc.
  • Easy to reassign skeleton or retarget animations
  • Dirt Mask

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