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Vehicles - Destructible Trailer

Vehicles - Destructible Trailer

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Available for: UE4.19 - 4.27, UE5.0 - 5.1

This trailer was designed to be hero-quality and used as a physics based trailer for your vehicle or interactive scenes. It can be interacted with physically by the character controller, or made destructible by adding two nodes to your bullet system. It is meticulously modeled and textured to provide high quality visual results, even up close. All textures are provided in 4k quality and can be scaled down inside the engine to suit your project's technical requirements.

This pack includes:

  • 1 Physics/Constraint-based destructible car trailer (realistic physics based wheels, jockey wheel and tailgate)
  • Destructible components include:
  • The four latches that hold the tail gate on. Two levels of physics damage.
  • The two wheels
  • The jockey wheel
  • The jockey handle/bar
  • 1 Destructible Master Blueprint + 3 Child Classes (Beer crate, crate, beer)
  • 1 Destructible Throwable Beer Bottle Blueprint
  • 1 Destructible Trailer Hitching Example that works w/ UE4's starter sedan

Also included:

  • Seven static variations with custom-made collision detection for optimal-hit detection even at long distance/low LOD
  • Simple physics simulation instead of the more advance destructible blueprint
  • Four included color variations plus a color mask to choose your own
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